Accessories for electric heating


Technical data

Code No.DescriptionUPC CodeIncludesNet Weight

Heating Cables

088L0006 Power connection kit, cable to power lead5703466145098 one end seal0.2
088L0008 Splice/Tee Kit, includes one end seal5703466145104  1.4
088L0010 GX Repair Kit5703466118566 crimp connectors, repair wire, heat shrink tubes0.5
088L0014 LX repair kit5703466145142crimp connectors, repair wire, heat shrink, tubes0.1
088L0023 Power Connection Kit, cable to box5703466152713 one end seal0.2
088L0028 Little Buzzer (continuity alarm)5703466161463batteries0.5
088L0412 Warning labels, 10pcs5703466130230  0.0
088L1050 Cable Strapping (15 ft/4.5 m)5703466145173 0.7
088L3002 Downspout Edge Protection Plate, 1/bag5703466175279  0.2
088L3008 Replacement floor sensor for LX thermostat5703466142608 0.2
088L3038 CDP-2 remote control & display for snow sensors5703466180884  1.0
088L3039 CS-1 remote control/monitor pigtail for CDP-25703466180891  0.3
088L3051 Ground sensors5703466145203 2 per package (50ft. lead wire)9.7
088L3053 Ground sensor57034661494471 per package (50 ft. lead wire)5.1
088L3405 Nameplate (per NEC 426-13)5703466148846  1.0
088L5135 LX Power Module with GFCI5703466199329 1.0
19809099 LX flexible conduit tube for floor sensor (8 ft./2.4 m)5703466078327 0.2


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Case Stories
Engineering Tomorrow Makes Winter Safer for City of Buffalo
Electric_Heating_CaseStory_Downtown_Buffalo_VZKZA122_6_16.pdf (1.6 Mb), Literature number: VZKZA122, Language: US English, Release date: 30/06 2016


PX-F Pipe Freeze Protection Cables The Danfoss PX-F Series SELF-REGULATING parallel ciruit heating cables provide the solution to basic FREEZE PROTECTION applications. Ensure maximum energy efficiency by producing heat only when and where it is needed as it adjusts the power output to the varying conditions along the length of the pipe. Cables are sold by the foot or spool. • Cable can be overlapped without creating hot spots or causing a burn out • Can be cut and spliced in the field, simplifying the installation process and reducing waste • Rugged 16AWG bus cable with longer runs • Wide variety of heat outputs available • Limited 10 year warranty
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